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visual language & studio curriculum

“Imagination will take you everywhere.” Albert Einstein

Nurture Early Learning Centre strongly believes visual language (art) is an important form of expression and communication for all ages. Children at Nurture exposed to a variety of artist quality materials as well as artistic concepts and experiences from a trained specialist teacher.

Visual language occurs on a regular basis, involving small groups of children in Nurture’s studio located in the heart of the centre. The visual language curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the children’s development and interests, as well as extending upon project work from their rooms.

Children are given time and guidance to make discoveries, be creative and have fun, in an unhurried and purpose-built art studio. During the year at our Nurture Early Learning Centres, children will learn the joy of creating and develop a sense of art appreciation.

At the end of every session, children’s artwork will be displayed around the studio for the children to explain their thoughts behind the process to their peers.  This encourages all the children to reflect on their practices and provides an opportunity for children to respectfully listen and learn from their peers.

Regular exhibitions of children’s art works will be exhibited in our own Nurture Gallery as well as, in conjunction with other children’s galleries from Australia and around the world.