our philosophy


Nurture Early Learning Centre Philosophy

Early childhood is “…a period of momentous significance for all people growing up in (our) culture.By the time this period is over, children will have formed conceptions of themselves as social beings, as thinkers, as language users, and they will have reached certain important decisions about their own abilities and their own worth.”
(Donaldson M, Grieve R and Pratt C, 1983)

The philosophy of Nurture Early Learning centre is based upon the Reggio Emilia approach from the children’s centres of Reggio Emilia, Italy. The philosophy embraces the image of the child as; a capable, confident, creative and active learner.

We believe:

  • That the children, families and teachers co-exist together to create Nurture Early Learning Centre.
  • In an environment which is homely, friendly, nurturing, secure, safe, stimulating and aesthetically rich.
  • In the value of celebrations. Instilling values of multiculturalism, differences and tolerance. Promoting cultural identity, discussion and participation.
  • In the values associated with spirituality. To introduce the holistic approach of the whole child, incorporating the concepts of the mind, body and soul.
  • In an educational and recreational program and environment, which is sensory-rich.
  • Visual language is an important form of expression and a creative way for children to understand the world around them.
  • In promoting and demonstrating a healthy nutritional diet, which will promote positive life-long eating patterns.
  • In environmentally-friendly practices.
  • In educating children, families and teachers to be “Wild Life Warriors”.
  • Children develop knowledge, curiosity, imagination and independent thinking through exploration of their interests and ideas through involvement in small and large groups, in project based learning.